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  • 🚍Easy and Fun Homeschool Preschool Curriculum - printable 38 themed weeks

    Printable preschool curriculum for homeschooling, child care centers, day care centers or micro schools. The curriculum works well for 3 year olds, 4 year olds and 5 year olds. Each of the 38 weeks has a new theme for a total of 9 months. The curriculum contains the perfect balance of preschool worksheets and fun activities. It is soo easy for teachers and parents to use and your kids will have so much fun learning.
  • 🍿 FUN Family Movie Night Printables 🍿

    By the end of the week, it is time to take a parenting break and have a movie night! I have created printables that will make your family movie night extra fun!
  • 🚍 Pretend School Play Printables for Preschoolers🚍

    Little kids love playing school! It is super fun to get to be the teacher and if you are lucky, you can find a younger sibling who is ok being the student. If you can't, just substitute dolls or stuffed animals for the students. I created these school pretend play printables and your kids are going to LOVE them!
  • 📕8 All About Me Preschool Book List

    Here are 8 books that work nicely with the all about me theme for preschoolers! You can check these books out at the library, or if you click on the book cover below, it will take you to Amazon and you can purchase them there. 
  • 🍎 All About Me Preschool Theme - Week 1 of Homeschool Preschool Curriculum

    The first week of my printable homeschool preschool curriculum is the all about me theme. Isn't that a great place to begin? Your children will love talking all about their likes, dislikes and their age etc.
  • Kids Summer Fun Activities

    One of the fun things we have found to do this summer is to make our own bubble wands out of pipe cleaners. We even wrapped two pipe cleaners together to make large circles. This worked really well to create large bubbles. 
  • FREE St. Patrick's Day Preschool Counting Activity

    This FREE St. Patrick's Day preschool counting activity is such a fun way to get into the green spirit. Your preschooler will love finding which number card matches the correct pot of gold card. You can also make this a fine motor activity by having your preschooler use tweezers to place pom poms on the gold coins.
  • 🔢Preschool Counting Activity with Threading Beads Fine Motor Skills

    These printable fish counting cards are perfect for your ocean themed preschool unit. Your students will love the fine motor skill of threading the beads onto the pipe cleaners. You will love how they are working on counting 1-10 also!.
  • 🎨 Preschool Colors Sorting Mats Activity

    One of the skills your preschoolers will need to know before they get to kindergarten is to know their colors! These color sorting mats are going to make learning colors super fun.
  • 🤸‍♂️ Printable Alphabet Playdough Mats

    Playdough is so much fun to play with! It can be used to make learning extra fun. I created these adorable alphabet play dough mats. Each play dough mat card had a fun little activity. Your toddlers or preschoolers will love learning how to create their alphabet while getting to play with playdough.
  • 🐶Animals Busy Book for Preschoolers - fun and cute! 🐱

    Preschoolers love animals! You want your preschooler to learn. Why not combine cute animals and fun educational activities for your preschooler?? Done!
  • 🎃10 Halloween School Party Crafts and Games printables

    10 Halloween party crafts and games for kids. All of these games and crafts are low prep and high fun! The printables will make it easy for you to host a Halloween party for your kids at home or at school.