Kids Summer Fun Activities

The summer is here and the month of June is already gone! Crazy. I don't know about you, but my kids are in need of some ideas of fun things they can do other than ask to be on technology. 

1. DIY Bubble Wands

One of the fun things we have found to do this summer is to make our own bubble wands out of pipe cleaners. We even wrapped two pipe cleaners together to make large circles. This worked really well to create large bubbles. 

I love this idea from i Heart Crafty Things because they are super cute! Also, they work well for the 4th of July if you are having a neighborhood or family get together. 

DIY bubble wands for kids using pipe cleaners. This is a fun idea to do with kids this summer.

2. Mud Cafe

I LOVE this idea from Crafty Chicks. It is a mud cafe with FREE printables. You will an area or kiddie pool with some dirt and the kids can make the cafe items for their customers. Maybe it is the entrepreneur in me, but I would have had so much fun with this as a child. 

Summer fun ideas for kids with free printables.

3. Rainbow Craft

If the day is too hot to be outside, this is the perfect inside craft for kids from Easy Peasy and Fun. Isn't it soo cute?

4. Nature Scavenger Hunt

This nature scavenger hunt from A Thrifty Mom with FREE printable is a great way to get some outside time. Using this printable at the playground or state park would also be super fun. 

Nature scavenger hunt for kids with free printable.

What are some other activities you have found to keep your kids busy this summer? Find me on Instagram @confetticratekids and let me know! There is a lot of summer left and I need to keep this kids having fun!